How Gold Earrings Are Born

When a friend came to me with the wish that (but really necessarily) she needed dice gold earrings and that she would also be very interested in how such small jewelry is made, I thought that the production of simpler earrings might be of interest to you as well. That’s why I grabbed the phone and took a picture of the production process.

Beauty In Jewelry Simplicity

I enjoy how a few small pieces of dark golden something starts to give birth to a wonderfully simple and elegant piece of jewelry, from which the owner is sincerely happy.

What Was In The Beginning?

The earrings are not hollow but made of solid material, so it was first necessary to cut a gold lenko with a goldsmith’s saw. If you haven’t come across this name yet, then it will probably come as a surprise to you that it is nothing more than a square wire – in this case, gold.

How The Equipment Of The Earrings Continued

Once the gold cubes were cut, I had to file them carefully and sand them to the desired shape. Then came the soldering of the cap ( fourteen ) and finally, the final polishing. Voil earrings were born!

The production of such small earrings is not overly demanding, no twisted shapes, no stones, nor complicated combinations of materials. The production was completed relatively soon, and the friend could take off her earrings with a satisfied expression.

Choose The First Earrings Wisely

There are several fundamental questions around the first children’s earrings, which can bother many mothers when choosing. It is, therefore, good to think about them in advance.

When Is The Right Time?

In the past, girls’ ears were pierced in the first weeks of life, but today it is recommended to wait with earrings. Pediatricians claim that this procedure should not be performed before the first hexavaccine vaccination. You can also often come across the opinion that little ladies should tell themselves if they want to pierce their ears at all.

Shoot Or Pierce?

In the case of ear piercing, it is possible to choose either a classic needle piercing or an earring. If you decide on the first option, always consult a specialist, preferably your pediatrician. However, most mothers today resort to shooting. It is faster, the child hurts less, and the wound heals better. In this case, you can go to a cosmetic studio, where they have extensive experience with shooting earrings. But never forget to take care of your wounds properly.

Which Earrings To Choose?

When choosing children’s earrings, there are usually two variants – pendant or stud models. If you have decided to shoot the jewelry, you will rather use seeds with a secure, screw-on fastening.

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